Go Kart Racing – Have you ever wondered, how feels like Driver of Formula One?
Right now you get unique opportunity!
This small racing cars can reach up to 70 km / h, thanks to the leading model SODI GT3 with outstanding capacity of 270cm3 and the power of 9.5 BHP. Brakes in vehicles are ventilated what
strongly improves braking. Each ride lasts at least 8 minutes (or can be multiply-combined).
To sum up – satisfaction is guaranteed.

Paintball – This thing rather does not need any introduction. All you need to do is choose between warehouse or the open air. Equipment is provided by organisator.

Laser Tag – Definitely less painful form of sport, each player receives vest which changes into sensor of tags. In the background constantly are flashing lights and plays music chosen by the players (wide range of albums).

Shooting Center – Everyone enjoys action movies, correct?
But not everybody was able to shoot from real: Glock, Beretta, Revolver, Kalashnikov or a machine gun. Depending on your needs, you can select (from wide offer) the appropriate set of weapons.

Escape Room – An interesting alternative to traditional forms of entertainment, probably inspired by the idea of Jigsaw from “Saw” movies. Team (which consist for groups of 2-5 people) gets locked in a mystery room. Each room is designed in a different style and players can choose desired one. Rooms have different themes starting with the mysterious Amber Room, through the office of the murdered detective, ending at the exorcist room.
Let’s play a game!

Adventure Park – Place where everyone can find something for themselves, due to the extensive grounds, which is professionally prepared to carry out various activities. Among the many attractions can be distinguished rope park located 10-20 meters above the ground, paintball field, quads, a climbing wall, jump from 20 meters (with secure rope) and 23 other attractions!